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 ドコモ あんしんスキャン  APK Download

ドコモ あんしんスキャン APK

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Title: ドコモ あんしんスキャン
Latest Version: 2.1 and up
Last Update: August 23, 2017

Download ドコモ あんしんスキャン APK from NTT DOCOMO last update August 23, 2017 and Developer Visit website Email docomogpapp_inq_webform[@] Privacy Policy 東京都千代田区永田町2丁目11番1号

ドコモ あんしんスキャン ■主な機能
 ※セーフブラウジングは、機種にプリインストールされている標準ブラウザ(SCシリーズを除くAndroid 6.0以上には非対応)、Chromeブラウザおよびあんしんフィルター for docomoでご利用になれます。



※Android 2.1~3.2のOSバージョン機種について、2016年7月14日版(バージョン3.1.11.779)まではダウンロードおよび正常動作を確認しておりますが、2016年11月1日版(バージョン3.1.12.825)以降はサポート対象外であるため、本アプリがダウンロードできなくなる、または正常に動作しない可能性がありますので、予めご了承ください。



   ③電話番号、dアカウントの ID / パスワード



 自動応答により、お問い合わせフォームへのURLをお送り致します。 ■ main function

Smartphone When you install an app using, if the virus is mixed, it can be detected immediately.
Body and on the media, applications, and regularly scan the files (music, including video, still images, etc.).

• When browsing the web site, to warn the illegal possible site such as virus distribution sites and phishing sites.
Safe Browsing ※ is, (a non-compatible with more Android 6.0 except for the SC series) standard browser that is pre-installed on the model, will be available in the Chrome browser and the peace of mind filters for docomo.

The installed application to the subject -, involved in personal data, check the app with the possibility of transmission to the outside, on the basis of the privacy evaluation results, you can see.

■ use fee
Security scan (anti-virus): Free
Safe Browsing (danger site measures), privacy check (personal data checking support): a fee (monthly fee: 200 yen (excluding tax))
※ Safe Browsing, if you wish to use the privacy check, you must have your application of "Safety Net Security" (surcharge function).

※ set of resident icon display presence or absence method
Menu key in the Anshin Scan main screen> "Settings"> "General"> "resident icon"

For OS version models of Android 2.1 ~ 3.2 ※, 7 May 14, edition 2016, but until (version has confirmed the download and normal operation, 2016 November 1 edition (version for) or later is unsupported, this application can not be downloaded, or because there is a possibility that does not work properly, please note.


■ Cautions
• The use of this app, you need to DOCOMO SIM card is inserted.
- This app is to authenticate automatically at nighttime. In that case, if you can not communicate with an authentication error occurs, it will be available only free function, those who contract a paid function, please start this app in the communicable state (re-authentication line we will).
· Please use on who sure to check your notes from "access to the developers of the web page."
• For 2015 winter models since you are using the terminal, please download from the following URL

■ Privacy Policy
Overview of the handling of user information in the present application provided by NTT DoCoMo, Inc. are as follows.
Before the use of this application always Please confirm the application privacy policy, after the contents of your understanding, please use.
1. Acquisition and use purpose of user information
□ user information to be used
① Web browsing history
② installed application information
③ phone number, d account ID / password
□ purpose of user information
Because of ① Safe Browsing feature provides
② for the security scan and the privacy check function provides
③ for authentication

2. The presence or absence of a third party offer
Safe Browsing, for security scanning and privacy check function provides, we will provide the following information to McAfee.Inc.
Web browsing history
- the installed application information

※ For more information on privacy policy, please refer to the following URL.

※ Please send a blank e-mail is addressed to inquiries e-mail address in the developer information.
The automatic response, we will send you the URL to the inquiry form.

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