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Title: 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版)
Author: Palapple (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Latest Version: 4.0.3 and up
Last Update: September 21, 2015

Download 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK from Palapple (Hong Kong) Ltd. last update September 21, 2015 and Developer Visit website Email info[@] Rm 307, 3/F, 16W, No. 16 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong

日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) 產前可以什麼湯水安胎?


自古至今,人類提倡養生之道, 俗話說葯補不如食補,葯食同源,只要合理配合,就能對人體產生良好的功效,而且能防病抗病,相得益彰,而水是生命之源,葯膳湯水也就應運而生。


孕婦湯水31天 針對女性懷孕期間強腎、滋陰、補血、養胎等需要,度身打造一個月的湯譜療程*。依次烹調,不用傷腦筋。

*註: 食療僅供參考,如有疑問請先諮詢註冊中醫

- 孕婦湯水31天
- 美容湯水31天


Company Description

海味軒 | 香港燕窩海味網上專門店


海味軒 於2008 年成立,是禮品網站 Starry Gift 旗下之網站成員。除了海味零售業務外,海味軒亦與其他聯營網站合作,例如與 囍‧緣 合作推出海味過大禮服務等。

電話:+852 3158 1276
傳真:+852 3158 1416
電郵:info[@] What can soups prenatal miscarriage?
How to relieve edema postpartum diet?

A soup day, let yourself / wife relaxed health spend nine months of pregnancy!

Since ancient times, humans promote good health, saying drug as tonic, medicine and Edible, as long as reasonable fit, you can produce a good effect on the human body, but also disease prevention, complement each other, and the water is the source of life, Diet soup also emerged.

"Meal a day in a" series of e-book each month are you with the whole soup recipes, and for different objects and efficacy of the right medicine, to ensure the family soup and other simple diet with the health effects of the disease.

Pregnant soup for 31 days Qiangshen women during pregnancy, yin, blood, child care and other needs, tailored month of soup spectrum treatment *. Followed by cooking without headache.

* Note: The diet is for reference only, if in doubt, please consult a registered Chinese medicine

"Meal a day in a" series
- Pregnant soup 31 days
- Beauty soup 31 days

For more details, please refer to seafood Xuan website:

Company Description

Seafood Hin | Hong Kong nest seafood shop online

In Hong Kong where one of the largest seafood online shop. Specialty Retail bird's nest, abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, fish maw, scallops, cordyceps, great therapeutic value. In addition also provides various Chinese seafood cooking methods to derive each food complement strengthening the economy and health of the effect.

Seafood Hin was established in 2008, is a gift website Starry Gift of the site's members. In addition to seafood retail business, seafood Xuan also collaborated with other affiliate, for example, the launch of seafood Happiness ‧ edge over the gift service.

For inquiries, please call our customer service hotline or email us, we provide our customers when dedicated family the best quality of goods and services the Heart.
Tel: +852 31581276
Fax: +852 31581416
E-mail: info[@]

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 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK Cover 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK Cover 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK Cover 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK Cover 日行一膳 - 孕婦湯水31天 (免費版) APK Cover
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