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 GrowApp Reward Chart  APK Download

GrowApp Reward Chart APK

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Title: GrowApp Reward Chart
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: July 20, 2017

Download GrowApp Reward Chart APK from DESIGN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY last update July 20, 2017 and Developer Visit website Email growapp[@] Privacy Policy Design Research and Technology SL Calle Faraday 7 28049 Madrid Spain

GrowApp Reward Chart GrowApp learning is an application to motivate children to do things better, positively reinforcing their efforts and achievements using rewards.

Download GrowApp Learning for free !!! And share it in real time with all people and families involved in the education of your children. Choose the educational objectives you want to improve and progress.

What do they learn? Children learn simple habits that will help them improve their behaviour and acquire small responsibilities to favor the development of their autonomy and encourage their self-esteem. Habits such as cleaning up toys, dressing themselves, brushing their teeth after eating, doing homework, assist in household chores (such as helping set the table), washing hands before meals, etc. Habits to learn at their own pace and gradually.

How learning is reinforced? GrowApp offers a reward system to positively reinforce learning, recognizing and rewarding the good attitude of children. The type of reward and its value must be assigned by the user (parent or the owner of the board). A good option is to propose activities to enjoy as a family. Small rewards as let them to choose a movie to see in family (at home or in the cinema), take them to their favourite park, play with them their favourite game, invite a friend to play at home, carry them to a museum that is of their interest, etc.

How does it work? It's easy to use. Each child is assigned a board with his/her name and picture. Tasks or objectives to perform will be assigned. Then we will assign a reward at the end of each day or week, depending on their ages. Together we can value our children daily habits and behaviours we want to improve. We recommend positive evaluations, avoid putting sad faces (red). On that way, children will learn to appreciate when it does well or not and we will promote their reasoning, responsibility, autonomy and self-criticism.

The number of tasks should always depend on the age and ability of the child. For example, for young children we can start with three tasks. Firstly we can choose something we know they do well every day, like "dressing or putting on their shoes themselves." Second, we can propose an activity that requires a little more effort but they are able to make themselves most of the time, such as "brushing their teeth". And finally, the habit that we want them to acquire and which will cost more work to carry out, such as "cleaning up their toys." For example, if they have brothers, we may propose common tasks to teach them to cooperate and enjoy together.

* Thank you for placing your confidence downloading our application.

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