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 MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker  APK Download

MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK

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Title: MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: January 6, 2018

Download MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK from ANSE SYSTEMS LLC last update January 6, 2018 and Developer Visit website Email ansesystems[@] Privacy Policy 2300 Beacon Hill Keller, Texas 76248 USA

MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker Track, and log your vehicles mileage with MilesforTax. Free 30 day trial. MilesforTax automatic auto mileage tracker records your vehicular mileage for business, charity, medical usage expense (for taxes) on your smart phone. Easy setup and use with simple controls designed for use in the vehicle at night or during the day.

If you use your vehicle for business, charity, personal medical, purposes MilesforTax provides a convenient hassle free, hands free method to automatically collect your mileage. MilesforTax offers several ways to automatically start and stop recording your mileage. Users can also enter mileage manually. Records fractional miles. All you have to do is install MilesforTax and open it once and all the functions are available.

MilesforTax works in the background even while you use for device for other purposes. MilesforTax will notify you when it starts/stops to let you know that it is working for you.

MilesforTax helps get the most out of what you worked so hard for by constantly sensing you environment and uses time tested battery efficient methods to sense your environment and this assure that you don’t miss drives.

When you drive your vehicle MilesforTax will:
- Automatically detects your vehicle speed and will start recording your mileage
- Can be started by detecting the Bluetooth if your device is paired with you vehicle.
- Record distances you traveled from your starting point to your ending point.
- Provide data about your drives when on MilesforTax screens
- Run as a background low so you can use your device for other tasks
MilesforTax Features:
- 4 Drive categories: business, charity medical or personal drives.
- Automated start/stop, and Automated Bluetooth start/stop
- Manual input or manual override or correction to drive data
- Manual start/stop options.
- Adjustable odometer
- Support OBD via compatible Bluetooth devices;
- Post drive/drive in-drive editing with graphical capability.
- On board report generation for documentation of your mileage.
- Export directly to files or Email, supports PDF, CSV for use other reporting systems
- Integrates with android to send professional looking reports.
- Up to three levels of PDF report detail.
- Automatic recordings include date, duration of drive, start and end locations
- Small footprint, low power (depends on the phone and MilesforTax settings)
- Cloud backup/recovery available.
- Can distinguish vehicles in reports by the type of sensor or VIN where available

Turn your forgotten mileage into cash and get the most out of your tax return. You deserve it. Every time you drive MilesforTax records your mileage in the background. Simple to use, automated, hand-off operation. 30 day free trial. MilesforTax is an end-to-end mileage tracker solution for recording and documenting mileage.

You will be surprised how many trips and miles go unreported each year!

Operating Requirements
GPS is used to operate MilesforTax. Your installed device must have a functional GPS and while operating in a vehicle the GPS must be able to receive data. Some vehicles have window treatments that shield of heat and also the GPS signal. Please use the trial period to evaluate if MilesforTax will work for you.

Network Requirements:
MilesforTax DOES NOT require data network to record mileage and can be used away from a data network. Some features such as address lookup and mapping may use network to acquire content.

Other Requirements:
Android 4.1+ through 8.1.
Needs either a valid email account or SMS enabled device/phone number

Options for Automation:
- Bluetooth pairing with the vehicles audio systems (with newer vehicles)
- Use Gps speed activation (built into MilesforTax)
- Inexpensive non-audio Bluetooth devices installed in the vehicle
- Connection to OBD

Your mileage log is yours, data is stored on your SD card, In app purchases - subscription for automated features after 30-day free trial. No Ads in this version.

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 MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover MilesforTax: Automatic Auto Mileage Tracker APK Cover
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